Second stop, Dortmund: There is a meaning to everything!

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Before leaving Höör we reduced the bags significantly so that the cajun (drumming box) from Walter Percussion fit into the back of the car and didn’t have to be placed on the laps of those poor ones in the back seat. Still Peter, the camera man and fifth team member who will go with us from Barcelona to Marrakesh seemed abit worried when met him in Malmö showing him the (non-existing) space for his bags. We also did an interesting interview in Höör, discussing the paradox of Skåne: Why is the highest concentration of xenophobia in Sweden located to the region which is the closest to the rest of Europe? Is it the regional identity, the fear of being the entry point for people coming in to Sweden? And what is world music apart from a shelf in the music shops?

Two boarders, a ferry, a lot of candy and some highways later we arrived in Dortmund where we decided to stay for the night. The enthusiasm of staying spontaneous was still high when we entered the town. Only, it turned out that all the hotels were fully booked all over the region of Köln-Dortmund-Frankfurt. 9 o’clock in the night and we were starting to imagine a night in the car. That is when Maher made the magical telephone call. With despair in his eyes he dials the number to one of the few persons he knows in Germany. He only remembered that he lived in a small town somewhere. Maher’s exclamation “Dortmund?!” was the word that made the energy return to the car. It turned out that Maher’s old friend El Hadji (who has previously been playing with Sousou and Maher in Sweden) had moved from his small town to Dortmund. And he was happy to receive us for the night. Waiting for El Hadji at the train station we made a super interesting interview with two young men from Italia and Turkey living in Dortmund since a long time. “People are people”! They didn’t understand why xenophobia exists. They had both grown about with a diversity of people around them. But how do we find them again after having found out that the interview that we filmed was disappointingly not recorded? (If you read this, please contact us). We hope at least that we have now got to know all of the documentation equipment and worked out routines around who uses it and when (=record as much as possible with as many recording machines as possible)

We had a great time with El Hadji and fell asleep exhausted sometime after midnight/before dawn. A barika!


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