Third stop, Luxemburg: A wonderful concert against all odds

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The third day was supposed to be the easy relaxing day. Not so far from Luxemburg and just some things from a music store to pick up and an uncle to visit on the road (in Cologne). But leaving Dortmund without a GPS and picking up the amplifiers we had ordered turned out to be a night mare (which would have been much worse without the help of Sousou’s uncle). It all ended up in a stressful drive to Luxemburg where we arrived just in time for the concert, without having eaten more than some sandwiches and in the same clothes as we wore when we started the trip.

But once in the very beautiful place  Exit Carré Rotondes the meetings with friends and a very well good sound system put us all in a good mood.  Sousou and Maher were happy to move away from the stressful day and go into the music. They were also happy to play with Pape, the percussionist who recorded the album Stockholm-Dakar with them. Malang experienced his first time ever playing cajun during the live concert and did it extremely well. We are all very happy that Walter Percussion gave us the possibility to bring with us even more rhythm. The concert was well organized and turned out to become a real success with an enthousiastic public. Finally the whole place was dancing and following the music. The atmosphere was warm and people were dancing, singing and constantly asking for more! After the concert the record table was crowded and almost all the new albums Stockholm-Dakar that we brought with us were sold out (but new ones are ordered from the prints).  Sousou and Maher received a lot of appreciation both directly after the concert and by email. THANKS to Laure Huberty who organized it all through her association K.

A clip from the concert:


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