Eighth stop, Torremolinos (Málaga): Goodbye Europe!

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After the first day without any driving at all (Barcelona) we had to move on! We drove from morning to night, almost 1000 kilometres (1/8 of the total distance from Stockholm to Dakar!). The landscape was very beautiful and varied on our way through the eastern coast and the mountains of Spain. It was a pity though that the sun had already gone done when we drove along the small mountain roads on the southern coast near (150 km before Málaga). We arrived somewhat tired in a hotel in Torremolinos on the hills outside Málaga. To be noted that the language in the car is now slightly changing – we are speaking less French since we left France (but more than when we left Sweden!). Our five languages in the car – Swedish, English, French, Wolof and Mandinka  are in various degrees understood by everyone in the car which means that we mix and switch in between them depending on moods and situations. Tomorrow we are heading towards Africa!!  Hang on!


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