Thirteenth stop, Casablanca: meeting enthousiastic audiences and a vibrating night life

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The trip to Casablanca was the first time that we actually had the time to go on small roads instead of big highways. And it was really an opportunity to move on without stress and to see abit more of the Moroccan landscape and people. We also stopped by washing our car so that she would be beautiful upon the entrance in the big city of Casablanca.

Casablanca is said to be a big, ugly and uninteresting town for tourists. We found that it was the contrary a vibrating town with movement and open-minded people. This was alot very much thanks to our friend Er Raiche Abdellah who is a Moroccan musician living in Casablanca with brothers in Sweden. He arranged everything for us upon our arrival and had us spend an incredible night out in the big city. Sousou and Maher played both at the rock club B-rock and at Amnestia, a club of water pipes (there is no better way of describing it). In Amnestia we were not allowed to film the audience, so the photos taken secretly do not really give justice to the place that was really fascinating. Both audiences were overwhelmingly appreciating and people were all singing/screaming Jangfata together even after the end of the show. A very positive experience that gave the feeling that more gigs in Morocco could well be planned! While going back to the car we met some Berber musicians so Sousou and Maher took the opportunity for another unexpected musical meeting! Back at the hotel at 3h30 we were all very overwhelmed about people and night life in Casablanca, the openness of the live music clubs and of course – the interest for Sousou and Maher’s music!


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