Twelfth stop, Temara: Musical encounters outside the big cities

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As we couldn’t move on and the business town of Rabat seemed to have few attractions, we decided to move out to the sea. So far we have only been to big cities so we longed for some countryside feeling. Temara is probably full during the summer season but now in the cold period of the year (the nights here are freezing) the place was not so crowded. However we had (as always) problems in finding a hotel. Driving around for hours looking for a place to sleep has become a sort of evening ritual. Either too expensive, full or no internet available.  We finally ended up at Panorama hotel, a place which had definitely seen its best days. WCs, locks, lights, showers… finding something that worked correctly was not probable. But the people working there were very nice and the night porter taught us both some Arabic and a patriotic Moroccan song.

After having checked in we went out to discover night life in Temara. It happened to be quite vivid with several music groups playing live. The owner of the piano bar “Safari club” was very welcoming and was happy to have Sousou and Maher playing there. The public was very animated and asked a lot of questions about the kora and the languages in which the songs were sung. Several people were interested in organizing other concerts with Sousou and Maher and the very talented bass player invited them to a Gnawa jamming session in Rabat. A great unexpected musical meeting!

We finally had a morning when everyone could take the time without being forced to jump up and get started at the first hour. Karin went out running on the beach and made some interviews whereas some of the others were strolling around or just sleeping. Before leaving Temara we also had some time to discuss about everything that we had experienced so far over a wonderful brunch of fish sandwiches at a small snack bar.


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