Fifteenth stop, Tiznit: On the road again

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After some filming and interviews in Mohammedia we headed towards Rabat and the Mauretanian embassy. The place was crowded and we reunited with alot of people who had been depositing their demands at the same time as we did. Karin did several interesting interviews with the people outside the embassy, all heading in the same direction. A Senegalese artist living in Italy regretting that he gave up his bronze architecture in his home country for a promise to go to Europe where he is now working in agriculture. A French woman who goes by herself to different countries in Africa to distribute toys. She said that people don’t meet in the Western societies but at the same time she found it difficult to communicate with people on the road due to linguistic barriers. And a Senegalese (yes alot of Senegalese were to be found outside the Mauritanian embassy!) who lived in Agadir hoping to become soccer professional. He had come to Rabat to deposit a visa demand to Kuwait based on the invitation from a soccer team there. But it was rejected. He told about the boats to the Canaries but said that although he wanted to go to Europe he loved his mum too much to risk his life. Out of money he simply looked for a transport to Agadir.

As we hadn’t been moving for several days we were impatient to get started again on the second part of the trip. We therefore skipped Marrakech and drove all the way through the Atlas mountains to Tiznit.

Before leaving Tiznit, we went to the market where Sousou and Maher met up and played with some local musicians. Until the police came to say that it wasn’t possible…. again! It is really difficult to spontaneously share music and joy!


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