Sixteenth stop, Tarfaya: We are far away but yet closer!

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Heading towards the south we then saw the first sign of Senegal: 2257 kilometers to St Louis! The road went through mountains and desert and with alot of traffic so we had to go slowly. Furthermore there are police officers and speed controls allover the place in Morocco so one has to be very careful not to drive too fast.

Tonight we sleep in Tarfaya, the place which on the map seems to be the closest to the Canary islands. However, the town is quite small so probably it is not so much used for migrants’ departures. Karin and Malang walked to the beach and watching the dark sea we could almost feel the presence of all those who have died trying to reach the Spanish islands. We are constantly reminded that we travel in the footsteps – but in the opposite direction – of those from Subsaharian Africa with the objective of going to Europe.

The presence of Spain is also felt because in Tarfaya Spanish is written on the walls and people try to speak Spanish (not French) to you in the street (it would have been Arabic of course if it wasn’t so evident that we are foreigners). Is it a coincidence or is it because Western Sahara (which starts just a few kilometers outside Tarfaya) used to be a Spanish colony?

The hotel where we stay is apparently a hot spot here (according to the owner) because it is the only place where wi fi is to be found! We appreciate it alot!

Tomorrow we will continue to Western Sahara and Dakhla. It will be a long day of driving. 600 kilometers on these roads are not the same thing as on the highways in Europe or northern Morocco!


2 thoughts on “Sixteenth stop, Tarfaya: We are far away but yet closer!

  1. Om det vore jag som körde skulle jag vilja kunna se i backspegeln men jag antar att det inte är ett alternativ. Landskapet ger associationer till en amerikansk roadtrip men ändå inte 🙂 Jag skulle vilja se “det riktiga” Sahara en dag- sanddynerna.

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