Seventeenth stop, Dakhla: The desert

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After a day of driving through the desert we finally reached Dakhla, situated on a tongue of land just nearby the sea. A very beautiful place popular among surfers. We arrived yesterday (Thursday) in the afternoon but tired as we started early in the morning. During last night we did no more than walking around sometimes trying to talk to some people. However it is abit difficult to have longer conversations as few speak other languages than Arabic. Also, we don’t feel quite comfortable making interviews with recording machines here so we focus more on informal chats. Among others we met some Senegalese migrants,working in the construction to earn money to continue the trip towards Europe. It is difficult to find a way of saying “don’t go” when we come from Europe driving in a nice car and wearing in their eyes beautiful clothes.

Today (Friday) we continue our way towards Nouadhibou in Mauritania. No pictures on people because it is very delicate and we don’t want to risk getting into troubles.


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