Final stop: Dakar!

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Just as unreal as it was driving out from Stockholm heading towards Höör trying to understand that we were on our way to Dakar, just as unreal was it driving through the suburbs of Dakar trying to grasp that we were coming all the way from Stockholm. It felt quite ordinary. We were just driving into the well known surroundings of Dakar, feeling at home again after several weeks in places which were in most cases previously unknown to us. We have travelled between two homes and by experiencing the road in between them they have become closer to each other. It is just a car trip away! And through the meetings on the road we have experienced not only the similarities between people and their lives but also how possible it is to create a human connection to people in very different places and situations.

The Stockholm-Dakar team has arrived at the final destination but it isn’t the end of the blog. It will be completed with photos and more information about the trip as well as with Sousou and Maher’s upcoming gigs and press meetings in Dakar + thoughts around everything related to it (which is quite alot!). The movement towards openness, understanding and sharing with people around us is still undergoing! The connection Stockholm-Dakar is just as needed as the connection between you and your neighbour, whoever it may be!

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