About the team

Maher Cissoko

31 years, musician. Born in Ziguinchor, youngest of ten.

Why the trip Stockholm-Dakar: It is an experience and the more you travel the more you learn!


  • Unite everybody in the team
  • Keep the calm in difficult city trafficand when the traffic situation is caotic
  • Calm, no stress. In the most unexpected situations he may pick up the kora and just start playing.
  • Good at analyzing other people and their needs (for example as a co-pilote/DJ)


  • Difficulties in handling other people’s stress or at least very sensitive to it
  • Easily affected by the atmosphere

What you didn’t know about Maher: No one can eat as many mandarines in a row as Maher!

Sousou Cissoko

30 years, musician and project leader. Born in Höör, youngest of three.

Why the trip Stockholm-Dakar: I wanted to feel the connection between people and show that it is possible to create it. I wanted to increase my own understanding that it is one world and also contribute to other people’s understanding of it.


  • Best at organizing!
  • Alot of energy
  • Good at seeing what the group needs
  • Good at adapting to new situations


  • Stressed sometimes
  • Time optimist

What you didn’t know about Sousou: Absolute need to listen to Swedish/American singers when driving (especially if she is abit tired)

Malang Diedhiou

32 years (oldest in the team!), artist/different occupations. From Zinguinchor, oldest of five.

Why the trip Stockholm-Dakar: It is an experience to pass through different countries and see how people live and act. Meeting alot of people.


  • Can sleep anywhere
  • Is not afraid of contacting people he doesn’t know (true for all the team members)
  • Neutral and can therefore mediate in conflicts.
  • Helpful
  • Good at seeing what needs to be done.
  • Calm
  • Good at organizing things.


  • Does not take so many own initiatives (which is a strength in this group!)

What you didn’t know about Malang: Constant need to pee (even at a pay station in the middle of a high way)

Karin Elfving

30 years, youngest of two. Journalist/ethnologist/translator/writer/communicator/consultant…. Born in Sundsvall.

Why the trip Stockholm-Dakar:  Showing that diversity is inspiring and being inspired by diversity on the road between two cities I have been travelling in between for 10 years. Better understand what the connection Europe-Africa and Africa-Europe can mean to people in different places, particularly to those struggling to make the trip in the opposite direction.


  • Purposeful
  • Good at organizing the group
  • Communicator; good at contacting people
  • Gives alot
  • Open
  • Not so sensitive and humble.
  • Patient


  • Bad at being not nice
  • Over energy and stress sometimes

What you didn’t know about Karin: Has received the pet name Communique during the trip


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